Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Progression Of A Preschool Photo Shoot

"Mom, take my picture!"

"Okay." Click.

"Let me see!"

And again.

The Prairie Kid says as we load them on the computer "Why I making funny faces?"

"Because you are a 4 year old boy."

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Life Keeps Woman From Blogging

Wow. I never realized that having a job and running here, there, and everywhere would put the ixne on the loggingbe. I guess that's what happens when a girl's list is never-ending, always-morphing, more-demanding, and so on. But it is all good. Know why? Because it is God's plan! Yay!

Things are going well however busy. Thankfully our family survived the first month of transition. We only came out with a few scratches and dents. February is another crazy-busy month with The Prairie Daddy hitting the road with the beef carcass ultrasound business. He has already gone on 2 three day trips and heads out for a week-long one soon. I am hoping that the chick flicks and time with The Prairie Kid are enough to keep this girl from having too hard of a time without her cowboy around. I don't like it when he leaves but I am trying to find ways of making things at home fun and meaningful to The Kidlet and myself. I have enjoyed some good movies that my better half is thanking me for watching while he's gone. I know, can you believe he isn't into Jane Austen? Sheesh!

Well, that was all the time I had for an update. I don't have any pictures to post but maybe I can think of a few stories in the near future. I do miss this. Hopefully my schedule balancing out will lead to more posting soon.