Thursday, April 30, 2009

Did I Tell You I Love Comments?

Hey blog fans! This post is to let new readers know, and remind the old, that you can post comments to my posts! I love hearing from you all about how my little life on the prairie and my sacrifices as a mom of a resilient, creative little boy keep you laughing and entertained. Please, PLEASE post comments! I can even reply to your comment posts by leaving comments! How fun!

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Thank you! Happy commenting!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fightin' Mad

This is a special post. A very special post. You will most likely find this fun, funny, hilarious, great, awesome, entertaining, wowing, etc. I, however, do not share those same feelings at this time. I am not sure that I have any idea when I will be able to share those feelings. Probably not as soon as I usually can share in those feelings after an "entertaining post event."

I cooked lunch for the cowboys today. They were preg checking cows, weaning and vaccinating calves. Since I knew this weekend that I would be in Billings all day Monday I decided to do my food prep on Sunday afternoon. Today all I had to do was stick stuff in the oven and frost the cake I made. I got the cake all frosted and pushed it back into the corner of the counter.

Later after showering I came upstairs to find that "someone" is tall enough to swipe their little fingers across cakes pushed into the corner of the counter.

This wasn't a big deal. It made me smile. I did a "quick fix" on it and we teased the vet that he would get the piece that The Prairie Kid got into (that would have been one big piece!)

So when I got home from the barn I had dishes to conquer. I thought that The Prairie Kid was outside with the dog. I didn't hear him playing inside. After I finished some of my dishes I went outside but didn't see him anywhere. I came in the house and hollered for him. No response. I knew he hadn't taken off again cause his boots were in the mudroom.

I went downstairs to find him and his bedroom light was on but I couldn't see him in there. I did find something suspicious on the floor though. Watch this video to see what I found...

Yep, that is toothpaste. A LOT of toothpaste. Smeared well into the recently cleaned carpet.

I realized The Prairie Kid was hiding in his house. I asked him calmly, "where is the toothpaste tube?"

"In your room."

Here, go on another video adventure with me....

After I calmly took my video I got angry. Angry that I would now have to figure out how the heck to clean up all this mess. I believe in kids solving their own problems but a 3 year old cannot take care of a mess of this magnitude.

I don't get mad, truly mad, very often. Thank God for His grace. And thank God for this blog, because I seriously saved my child extra wrath and preserved clean language in my thoughts by focusing on how I could present this stuff on my blog versus smoldering in thoughts about the incident.
I disciplined The Prairie Kid and made darn sure he knew not to move from the couch. I then Googled "how to get toothpaste out of hair" and was disappointed that there weren't brilliant answers to my inquiry. I went downstairs and smothered the carpet spots with carpet cleaner and went to get Fluffy.
Poor Fluffy. Not only is she not meant to mingle with toothpaste, she is not meant to bathe. I locked her and I together bravely in the bathroom and wrestled her like I've never wrestled before. It wasn't a pretty sight. If someone were around to video tape it I would have either won America's Funniest Home Videos or been arrested for animal cruelty. I have never given a cat a bath before in my life and I hope to never have to do it again. The noises coming out of her were wretched (and I made sure to go out and see that The Prairie Kid was listening to what he caused his poor kitty to suffer).
After the torture I let Fluffy hang out in the bathroom to dry off a bit. Poor Fluffy....

I put The Prairie Kid right to bed. And I made it clear I didn't want to hear a peep from him. I have never been this upset at my child. Thankfully, after a good nap time for him, a break and time with Abba Father for me, and a glass of wine I was feeling better.


The dog was in the house for a little while. I forgot that he was in when I went downstairs to check on Fluffy, who was allowed to stay in the house and wander around to get dry before going back out. I found her curled up on my bed (oh yeah, did I mention the toothpaste I found on the bed, which led to me having to remove and wash the duvet, change the sheets, scrub the carpet and scrub the dust ruffle?). I picked her up to bring her upstairs and put her out and as I exited my bedroom the dog came running for us...for the cat...and she responded with hissing and claws ready for attack. I kicked and shouted at the dog, trying to turn my body from him and get away. He was relentless. RELENTLESS. I kicked him several times (another animal cruelty charge is pending), almost tripped over and ripped my pants, and did what I could to no avail.

The cat freaked out and decided that I was a good target. She not only sunk a claw into my chest but also my shoulder and ripped my shirt! Can you believe this? I let her go, (okay, she repelled off of me with her claws as her anchor) and I grabbed the dog with fury. I whipped the dog upstairs and kenneled him fast. I couldn't retrieve the cat from the nooks of the storage room so she is still there, hours later. The Prairie Daddy took pics of my war wounds to prove I deserve a Purple Heart for Mommies of Prairie Kids and Animals.

The Prairie Daddy is being a single parent right now. He may be that for the rest of the night. I might hide away (in the nooks of the storage room) and feel sorry for myself. : )

Wow. What a day. I think I should go to bed early to reduce the risk of further "cat-astrophe." Hee, hee. I am cracking myself up.

Actually, I am well aware that my troubles are nothing in comparison to the real issues that many suffer with. At least it makes for an entertaining blog!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Snow

The Prairie Kid played so nicely all morning. I rewarded him with a movie. He also got some popcorn. I was working in the office on some thank you notes toward the end of his movie and never knew that not only was it snowing outside, but it was also snowing inside.

Don't all kids love to roll around in the snow?

After the fun and games he got to clean up his mess.

And then I sent him to bed early for his nap as a consequence. Now it is popcorn and movie time for The Prairie Daddy and Mama since it is snowing. The only difference will be that we won't get sent to bed for throwing popcorn and our movie isn't rated G!

My "Little" Baby

I am not sure I will ever get over how fast these little people in our lives change and grow! Again, I am asking "how?" Where does time go? This post is recent pics of The Prairie Kid...this is my baby...when did he get so big?

Cutie Big Boy ready for church last week

After working with Daddy outside

Really Goofy

The World's Cutest/Most Ferocious Lion
And The World's Cutest Lion Backside
And this morning we found our "little" baby trying to swing in the baby swing stored in one of the guest rooms!

Little Actor
What was really funny was a little later we heard him yell and cry out and The Prairie Daddy went upstairs to check on him and he couldn't get out!
I know I can't stop him from growing or slow time down so for now I will just cherish the moments!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question: What Is Better Than A Shock Collar?

Answer: A shock collar that works!

Okay, so hears the saga of the SC.

The SC arrived in the mail last Friday night. YIPPEEEEEE! It had to get a good charge before being used, so it was plugged in over night. Saturday we were gone branding, so Saturday night came the test.

I let Jack out and watched him take off. I yelled, "Jack, COME!" He didn't...until I pushed the lowest level once. That dog lowered his head and came right to me! WOO-HOO! VICTORY!!!

Yea! I got him responding to my command "Come" immediately! I would have to wait until time permitted to teach him to stay in the yard. That same evening The Prairie Daddy decided it would be fun to take Jack out with him on the 4-wheeler to check water since the SC had a remote that The Prairie Daddy could use to keep Jack around. I thought, "SUPER! Jack will get to go get some energy out!"

The Prairie Daddy returned later. No Jack. "Where's Jack?" You see, the SC only is effective if you're paying attention to the dog and use it to teach him things like "stay." Oops.

Monday evening The Prairie Daddy was out checking water again. I let The Prairie Kid out with the dog in the yard and said, "If Jack tries to leave the yard come and get me really fast!" This worked the first time. I went out and yelled come and gave a warning and he came right back! Yipppeeee! Victory again!

The Prairie Kid let me know a second time that Jack left the yard...this time he was too far and I couldn't get him back. Oh well, he'll eventually return.

I then got on the phone and as I was chatting I checked outside. No child. So, I walked around the house and yard. No child. I went in the house and yelled for him. No child. Uh, what happened? My child doesn't take off! Where is he? I got off the phone, called The Prairie Daddy, pulled on my sexy irrigating boots and headed out. The Prairie Daddy said he'd head back to help look. I couldn't see my child anywhere. I prayed. As I wandered in the field next to the house yelling I saw the 4-wheeler pull over and The Prairie Daddy picked up The Prairie Kid who was up at the corrals (which required him to get past a cattle guard and walk 1/4 mile). Oh boy was I not a happy camper! (Did I mention that The Prairie Kid was in his pajamas with no socks and cowboy boots? Later, I found out that he went through barbed wire and got 3 holes in his brand new pjs!)

When we got home I tearfully told The Prairie Kid that it scared me when he left and he burst into tears. His little spirit definitely felt the impact of a scared mommy. I wasn't mad at all, just wanted to make sure he knew that we loved him enough to care about where he was. But he still needed consequences so he spent awhile in his room.

The Prairie Daddy took the remote for the SC with him. Jack was found chasing a herd of deer (remember, BIG NO-NO!). The Prairie Daddy pressed the button...nothing. Again. Nothing. And after realizing it wasn't working he drove the 4-wheeler up fast and grabbed Jack and put him on the 4-wheeler and brought him home. Jack spent time in his "room" too (the kennel). Great, both my kids were in solitary.

So, I thought the SC must have needed a recharge. I plugged it in and the light didn't come on. I knew that Jack had gotten partially wet but these things are obviously water resistant, says so right in the package. But not only was it not working, the clip that holds it on the dog was already broken! WHAT? I JUST GOT THIS THING!

Now we're SCless again. I have no clue how long it will be before we'll get a replacement (and if they're made that cheap do I even want one from the same place?). Sigh.

I do have to say that Jack is still obeying my command to "come." I just cannot be outside all of the time with him to keep him in the yard. Oh well, at least I cannot complain that I am bored, right?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

And I Didn't Even Get Processed!

Today was branding up at Dad's. It was a great day. I typically love branding days no matter what but today seemed extra great. I prayed a lot that it would be that way. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. We got up early and loaded the pick up with a pajama clad Prairie Kid. We got to pick up his Hero on the way through town and then headed to Dad's. The Prairie Kid got dressed and went in to play with Grandma while seven of us took out 6 4-wheelers to get the cows and calves in. This was the first treat of my day: I got to ride with Dad.

Because I lost my own Dad when I was 16 there is a special place that my father-in-law has in my life; he is more than a father-in-law for me. He is my dad. It isn't like he needed another kid, he's got 7 of his own (yep, The Prairie Daddy is the youngest of 7!), but I needed a dad, and so he's stuck with me! There was a piece of my "little girl heart" that was fulfilled by hopping on the 4-where behind him.

The cows and calves came in smooth and then we spent quite awhile sorting them. The mamas were spoiled today and got let right back out into the field to finish their breakfast. The calves, not so lucky! Everything went smooth though. The Prairie Kid even came out when we started and made great decisions and was a good boy all the way until the end! I was thinking about how in just a few years he'll really be able to help with parts of the process.

Speaking of process, when you work cattle you call it "processing" them. Along with getting branded, they received a new ear tag (which was my job to assemble, record and sometimes insert in the ear), 2 vaccines, and the bull calves, well, they are no longer bull they're steers. Even though I wasn't processed today I sure am tired! I think The Prairie Family will sleep good tonight!

Everything went so smooth today, everyone was in a good mood, and the weather was great. This will go down as own of my favorite cattle working days thus far.

Here are some fun photos from the days events:

There was a hole in the fence that must have had something interesting on the other side!

Here is The Prairie Kid playing in the dirt with his sorting stick:
Doughnut time!
Go calves!
The Prairie Kid stayed close to his Hero much of the day

Doughnut, Grandpa?

Wait for me!

I'll sort you Auntie Gayle!

The Prairie Kid's first full can of soda...ever!

From calf

Working hard or hardly workin?
10 second break before next calf
Gotta love this picture!

Auntie has a special place in her heart for bum calves!

Friday, April 17, 2009

If Dogs Could Pray...

If Jack could, I think he would be praying today. I think, as interesting and unbelievable as this may sound, he would say, "God, thank you for what's about to come in the mail and restrict my life."

You see, Jack has a choice, he can either obey with the collar that's about to arrive or he may not get to stay around here. For some reason this morning Jack decided to "sow some wild oats." He took off from the get-go and didn't come home. He was quite a ways from the house in one direction and then decided to head the other at some the barn.

Jack killed one of our chickens today. Big, BIG mistake. The Prairie Daddy furiously brought him home and tied him up outside and said, "he will stay there until the collar comes!" I responded, "well, he has to come in to eat and sleep." And although that was agreed to, I know that The Prairie Daddy means business. If Jack gets loose and wanders and even attempts to kill another chicken he will not get to stay.

So, you see, I really think if he could pray and know what is about to come come in the mail for him he would be thankful. : ) Where is that package?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The title of this post reflects The Prairie Kid's style of dress at times:
And also the variety of dead animal parts that Jack continues to find on The Prairie and so generously brings home. Obviously the collar hasn't arrived yet!
Goose wing anyone?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Look What The "Cat" Drug In

Have I mentioned that Jack is much more of a hunting dog than a ranching dog? Here, let me show you what I mean:
That would be a "prize" he brought in from the field.
Nope, we having gotten the shock collar in the mail yet, obviously.
The "prize" is a prairie dog from the field across the road from the house

He was acting like he was going to eat it but The Prairie Daddy confiscated it before he had the chance. He is finding lots of yucky dead things to drag into the yard. He smelled so bad on Saturday that I thought I was going to throw up. I gave him a bath...wonder how long the effects of that will last!

What A Weekend!

Last year Easter weekend was about as jam-packed as a weekend could get. I am glad that we weren't quite as busy this weekend but I can't say it was still jam-packed! Friday evening we had a great time with our friends going to pizza, the Passion experience at our church, and then to ice cream. The Passion at our church was so well done. I was impressed with the creativity, resources and thought put into it. The church was quiet and dark. We went through stations that were interactive, inter-sensory and moving. From the Passover dinner to the tomb of Jesus, we travelled along the path that Jesus was willing to take in order to be the Ultimate Sacrifice for each of us.

Saturday morning The Prairie Family ventured to the golf course for the egg hunt. Now that The Prairie Kid is older and has friends at preschool the egg hunt is a better fit.
Here he is waiting at the starting line:

And off to the races!

The Prairie Kid and Gal Pals Showing Off Their Loot

Tasting The Treasure

Easter Morning Basket

Me trying to take a Prairie Family picture on the timer

Playing Frisbee At Grandma & Grandpa's

Nice Catch!

Serious Egg Hiding

The Prairie Kid Messing With His Hero
Uh oh!
Don't Mess With The Hero

Now You're Really In For It!
Play Time With The Aunties
Auntie And Her Pup (I just love this picture)
After the Easter fun with the family we had more fun with friends. We didn't get home until 9:30 last night and The Prairie Daddy had men's group at 5:30 this morning! Ouch! The Prairie Kid and I slept in and boy was that a treat and well needed!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. Happy Easter!