Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Storm

We had a wild storm here today.  In 10-15 minutes we got .2 inches of rain/hail; it was awesome.
The Prairie Kid really wanted to know what it was like outside so he bundled up and went out to feel the hail falling after it lightened up a bit.   : )

Friday, July 5, 2013

Birthday Blessings

It was my 35th birthday yesterday.  I don't usually like sticking around our own hometown celebration but every few years; it gets a little monotonous.  This year we decided to venture up to Red Lodge, MT for our 4th of July.  We went to their parade and were planning to go to the rodeo but our plans changed a little.

We met up with our friends and the kids were happy that Red Lodge, unlike Cody, hasn't banned the throwing of candy from the floats!
They waited for the floats with the loot
We managed to get one photo of the group
We were SO glad we didn't end up at the rodeo; there was a HUGE storm that hit mid-afternoon and it POURED and hailed for an hour and a half!  We were so thankful to get a table in a restaurant for the ENTIRE storm.  When we were ready to leave, it cleared up! 

We decided to go for a drive in some of the MOST INCREDIBLE country I've ever been.  It is a place I've been before and I never get over thinking it is heaven on earth. 

On the drive we saw this young moose
And some wild turkeys
 We also saw elk and deer and babies and then on the ride home we had these amazing views:

We made it just in time to eat cake and watch fireworks.  What a blessed birthday!