Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Half Bull

I think The Prairie Daddy must be part elk. I thought it was awesome how this bull responded to him.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ranch Kid At School

In The Prairie Kid's 1st grade class they write a lot of stories. We're sent home these stories each week. I laughed at one that came home last week. I wondered what his dear teacher thought. I'm sure she's used to ranch kids since she does teach in Cody, Wyoming. I hope she got a good giggle out of "page 1" like I did:

Title Page

Page 1

Page 2

Here is another story from our outdoors-loving ranch kid:


The one big request The Nephew had for his trip was to go to Yellowstone. We had a great family adventure on Saturday. The trees were peak and it was BEAUTIFUL. We got to see a grizzly mom and her 2 cubs for awhile in Hayden Valley. She was too far to get pictures of though.

We took a nice walk around the Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace. At the end The Prairie Kid hitched a ride.

The elk at Mammoth were awesome.
There were wolves in the Lamar Valley. These nice people let us view them through their scope and even lowered it for The Prairie Kid. And then we watched mountain goats with thick white coats through the binoculars as we neared the Northeast gate.

We were hoping to spot a moose on the way home but they are just not around anymore since the wolves have been reintroduced and increasing in number.

Happy Birthday, Nephew

My nephew is visiting for 2 weeks. He turned 19 on Friday. It was fun to celebrate with him. We went to a movie and the Chinese buffet. Then we had some presents and, well, two days later we were ready for cake. : )

That Time Again

Last week it was branding again. My nephew is in town and some friends from church also joined in to help. It was a long but good day.

The Prairie Kid

The Nephew loading taggers for The Prairie Daddy

The Prairie Kid thinking he is the boss

Where's my mama???

Lunch...every one's favorite part of the day

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Too Cute Not To Share

I was going through old video today and I found this from last Spring at the Denver Zoo. It was too precious not to share! And check out the hair-do!

Live Footage

Nerf War

Our nephew came in last night to visit us for two weeks. He'll turn 19 while he's here. It was fun to watch he and The Prairie Kid build a house this morning and then have a nerf gun war. : )

Monday, October 3, 2011

Non, Merci

I am looking forward to many aspects of another culture, landscape, country. And some aspects, not so much. Here are some things I am not so excited about...

Snakes. There will be snakes in the bush that we are working/sleeping in. The only time I will be okay with getting close to one of these guys is if they're on the end of my fork...

Western Bush Viper
Seriously, we may grill up snake for dinner while we're in the bush. : )
Black Mamba
Speaking of eating...there are lots of BATS! Our American friend in West Africa sent these first two pictures...
She teased, "grilled or roasted?"
Little did she know that this next picture of the bat on a plate is from my sister's fiance. He is Congolese and ate bat on his last trip to Congo...

He also ate these bugs! I would MUCH rather have grilled bat!

Funny, though, I will GLADLY put a snail in my mouth. Escargot, S'il vous plait.


Next month my husband, myself, and two of our very dear friends (a husband/wife) will embark on the most risky, wild, surrendered adventure of our lives (besides marriage and parenting!) We will board a plane and travel 27 hours to the "other" side of the world. We will cross multiple time zones, the equator, a couple of continents, and step into a culture that we do not yet know but have a hunger to not only understand but love quickly and deeply.

We are heading to West Africa to meet a lady and help her on her dairy farm.

Here is the dairy farmer and some helpers in a field they will clear for us to create a hay storage corral and shed:

Getting prepared for our project...
They made these poles for the corral from the trees in the bush on the dairy farm

As we make lists of supplies to pick up, correspond with many questions for the American couple that invited us to come to West Africa , where they now live, and finalize our plans, it dawns on me that we really cannot prepare ourselves for many aspects of this trip.

I do not know what I will see. I expect my eyes to weep at some of the sights I will witness.

I do not know how much my heart will break. I expect it to be broken.

I do not know how tired, sore, homesick, vulnerable I will feel. I expect to long and ache for what is familiar and comfortable.

I do know that this is a trip designed by a Great Designer. A trip that ties with the Providence that only a Master Trip Planner can put together. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to partner with the One and Only, who does not need a partner but chooses to partner with those that He had to redeem with a great sacrifice.

I do know that if I spend sweet time with my Bridegroom then I will be prepared for this trip.

"Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me." John 15:4

Oh, and péripétie means "adventure" in French. : )