Monday, October 17, 2011


The one big request The Nephew had for his trip was to go to Yellowstone. We had a great family adventure on Saturday. The trees were peak and it was BEAUTIFUL. We got to see a grizzly mom and her 2 cubs for awhile in Hayden Valley. She was too far to get pictures of though.

We took a nice walk around the Mammoth Hot Springs Upper Terrace. At the end The Prairie Kid hitched a ride.

The elk at Mammoth were awesome.
There were wolves in the Lamar Valley. These nice people let us view them through their scope and even lowered it for The Prairie Kid. And then we watched mountain goats with thick white coats through the binoculars as we neared the Northeast gate.

We were hoping to spot a moose on the way home but they are just not around anymore since the wolves have been reintroduced and increasing in number.

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