Saturday, October 30, 2010

Filling A Tag

The Prairie Daddy was hoping to have time before the deer season was up to fill his mule deer tag. Tomorrow is the last day. We were able to go out late this afternoon and he shot a doe. The Prairie Kid thought it was all great. I enjoy us getting to go out hunting as a family.

Checking out the doe
Two proud hunters

Getting ready to gut

Watching The Prairie Daddy gut the doe

Holding The Prairie Daddy's yucky gloves!

About That Virus

I called our Internet support tech at the trusty local phone company. When I told him what my computer was saying he told me that it was a virus. I knew that I had gotten it when I clicked the darn pumpkin carving picture.

I don't think I've ever had a virus on a computer before. This one snuck past our Norton Antivirus and actually shut it down. I cannot even open it up, nor get online. (Thankfully, the laptop is still up and running).

The tech had me download a malware software to a flash drive on the laptop and we're hoping it removes the virus. Unfortunately, the first attempt failed. : ( I am trying again and then if that doesn't work I'll have to give the ol' tech another phone call.

Meanwhile, we're filling the house with the smell of savory roasted pumpkin seeds. I love the Internet; I would have never known to put butter, garlic, Worcestershire and salt on the seeds. Yum!

Cucurbita pepo

Aka "Pumpkin." It was the focus of the morning.

We started out getting the dining room table ready.

Then, we talked about what we wanted to carve on the pumpkin (when I say "we," I mean The Prairie Kid dictates what I will carve on his pumpkin.)

He started out wanting a wolf. I Googled "Wolf Pumpkin Carving" and hit Images. We found some very complicated pictures, so I added the word "simple." All of the sudden, The Prairie Kid changed his mind to kitten. So we Googled "Simple Cat Pumpkin Carving" and he picked the picture he liked and I was willing to attempt.

And when I clicked the photo, something strange happened to my computer.

I had to reboot and then the Internet no longer worked. So, we got out the laptop and tried from there. It worked fine.

The laptop has the picture of the cat in this photo behind The Prairie Kid with his pumpkin

Here it is all finished...I was too busy working to take pics of the process

And here it is in the dark...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Booty & Bounty

The Prairie Kid is now...

That's some mean pirate goin' on there...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

One And Only

Today was the Kindergarten Halloween party at The Prairie Kid's school. I found out that this school only has Halloween parties for Kindergartners. I am so thankful that I was able to go in this afternoon for his party. I was sad to think this was it for elementary Halloween fun. I have such fond memories of dressing up at school every year.

It was so much fun to see him in his costume. We didn't do the full-blown costume yet...that will be tomorrow and Sunday.

The Kindergarten classes got to parade their costumes through the entire school. It was fun. They were so cute!

Oh Yeah, Now I Remember

So I was downloading pictures from my cell phone today and realized there were more fun adventures this October then I mentioned in the previous post. This fall has been the most beautiful fall I can ever remember. Who thought that we would be fishing in 75 degree weather at 5pm in October?

The Prairie Kid and I had a great time one day after school walking (he was actually riding his bike) up to our reservoir and fishing and throwing rocks.

We also had fun entertaining ourselves at home on some occasions.

The Prairie Kid works on drawing and writing sometimes when we're driving. We drive A LOT! His school and my work are 35 miles from the ranch so we spend our fair share of time in the car.

And one day we got to serve at the Fall Festival in the Albertson's parking lot. The Prairie Kid was a trooper while I ran some carnival booths for our church's community serve day.

And after I run him through my crazy schedule he is often pooped out. I love five year old conked out with my iPod!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What blog?

There went another several weeks of not having much time to blog. Whew! My life is so "seasonal" with stretches of so much to do that I don't know what my name is some of the time. : ) Actually, it isn't THAT bad. I haven't really forgotten my name...which, well, let me see here...

I don't know how I can catch you up on October but I can tell you this...something must have happened this month. Hmmm, what did I do this month? After the fun Homecoming festivities we had a lull in excitement. We did brand but I didn't take any pictures this time. And I did get a stomach virus for a weekend. That was exciting.

Oh! We got to celebrate my wonderful friend Molly's birthday. We surprised her and it was a blast. I don't have any pictures though because we used their camera.

We did have a girl's night last week. That was fun. We had appetizers and dessert and virgin margaritas. I love girl's nights. Here is a picture of our "spread."
Now I'm hungry!

And I took this picture of the sunrise as I was leaving for work one day. I do love the sunrise but I don't like getting up early. I am looking forward to changing our clocks in a week and a half. Sorry, sunrise, you're beautiful but not as beautiful as the back of my eyelids. : )
And this past weekend we had a fun Family Day at the pumpkin patch our youth has at our church. It was a great day. The Prairie Kid and I got to have our photo taken. : )

This next few days will be full of fun Halloween activities. I will look forward to hopefully posting those pics before Christmas!

Friday, October 1, 2010

School Spirit

It is homecoming week in The Prairie Kid's school district. They have a homecoming parade every year on the Friday of homecoming week. The elementary school that The Prairie Kid goes to was in it. The theme was "Under The Big Top" and our kids were to either wear school colors or a costume for a circus. The lion costume that we love came in pretty handy.
We invited one of our friends from church, a 1st grader, to join us. It was a beautiful fall day at 72 perfect degrees. I was amazed at the school spirit that this elementary has. Moms and teachers dressed to the hilt and there was a pretty good turn out of kids. They had 2 banners and 2 4-wheelers, lots of balloons, noisemakers and candy. It was fun.

These teachers went ALL out!

This is the president of the school PTK- Parents, Teachers, Kids

As we were walking back to the car there were some South Korean tourists who thought the boys were adorable and wanted to take pictures with them. : )