Friday, October 1, 2010

School Spirit

It is homecoming week in The Prairie Kid's school district. They have a homecoming parade every year on the Friday of homecoming week. The elementary school that The Prairie Kid goes to was in it. The theme was "Under The Big Top" and our kids were to either wear school colors or a costume for a circus. The lion costume that we love came in pretty handy.
We invited one of our friends from church, a 1st grader, to join us. It was a beautiful fall day at 72 perfect degrees. I was amazed at the school spirit that this elementary has. Moms and teachers dressed to the hilt and there was a pretty good turn out of kids. They had 2 banners and 2 4-wheelers, lots of balloons, noisemakers and candy. It was fun.

These teachers went ALL out!

This is the president of the school PTK- Parents, Teachers, Kids

As we were walking back to the car there were some South Korean tourists who thought the boys were adorable and wanted to take pictures with them. : )

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Beck said...

Cute! Thanks for taking Max, he had a great time! Looks like it was a lot of fun.