Saturday, October 30, 2010

About That Virus

I called our Internet support tech at the trusty local phone company. When I told him what my computer was saying he told me that it was a virus. I knew that I had gotten it when I clicked the darn pumpkin carving picture.

I don't think I've ever had a virus on a computer before. This one snuck past our Norton Antivirus and actually shut it down. I cannot even open it up, nor get online. (Thankfully, the laptop is still up and running).

The tech had me download a malware software to a flash drive on the laptop and we're hoping it removes the virus. Unfortunately, the first attempt failed. : ( I am trying again and then if that doesn't work I'll have to give the ol' tech another phone call.

Meanwhile, we're filling the house with the smell of savory roasted pumpkin seeds. I love the Internet; I would have never known to put butter, garlic, Worcestershire and salt on the seeds. Yum!

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