Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cucurbita pepo

Aka "Pumpkin." It was the focus of the morning.

We started out getting the dining room table ready.

Then, we talked about what we wanted to carve on the pumpkin (when I say "we," I mean The Prairie Kid dictates what I will carve on his pumpkin.)

He started out wanting a wolf. I Googled "Wolf Pumpkin Carving" and hit Images. We found some very complicated pictures, so I added the word "simple." All of the sudden, The Prairie Kid changed his mind to kitten. So we Googled "Simple Cat Pumpkin Carving" and he picked the picture he liked and I was willing to attempt.

And when I clicked the photo, something strange happened to my computer.

I had to reboot and then the Internet no longer worked. So, we got out the laptop and tried from there. It worked fine.

The laptop has the picture of the cat in this photo behind The Prairie Kid with his pumpkin

Here it is all finished...I was too busy working to take pics of the process

And here it is in the dark...

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