Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh Yeah, Now I Remember

So I was downloading pictures from my cell phone today and realized there were more fun adventures this October then I mentioned in the previous post. This fall has been the most beautiful fall I can ever remember. Who thought that we would be fishing in 75 degree weather at 5pm in October?

The Prairie Kid and I had a great time one day after school walking (he was actually riding his bike) up to our reservoir and fishing and throwing rocks.

We also had fun entertaining ourselves at home on some occasions.

The Prairie Kid works on drawing and writing sometimes when we're driving. We drive A LOT! His school and my work are 35 miles from the ranch so we spend our fair share of time in the car.

And one day we got to serve at the Fall Festival in the Albertson's parking lot. The Prairie Kid was a trooper while I ran some carnival booths for our church's community serve day.

And after I run him through my crazy schedule he is often pooped out. I love five year old conked out with my iPod!

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