Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lincoln's Log Cabin

The BIG project of third grade in our school is the Lincoln Cabin project.

The Prairie Daddy assisted in this one for the most part, until my hot glue gunning and furniture making assistance was required at the end.  The Prairie Kid did an AWESOME job on this project and it was fun to see it come together.

 There was a rock chimney, a stack of wood, a chopping block and axe
 The roof came off and inside was a rock fire place with a book on the mantel, more wood, a chair and desk with paper and a pencil, and a bed

Fun stuff!

Drama Motivates Random Update

I guess blogging isn't the outlet I need in this season of life considering my last post was in August.  I wish I felt more compelled to update more often because it is really fun to go back and remember what we were up to.  Maybe in the near future I will get back in the swing of it.

But today there was something that made me want to blog.  I think you'll get a good kick out of this one.

The Prairie Kid is 8 1/2.  He is a sweet, sassy, fun third grade boy.  I had no idea a third grade boy could care so much about his:


Hair.  I guess he comes by it honestly.  I care a great deal about my hair.  And I come by it honestly because my mom is a retired hair stylist. 

The Prairie Kid decided this school year after his last "class pictures hair cut" that he was going to let his hair grow out.  And grow it did. In every fun, curly, wild direction.  He has beautiful red hair and beautiful curls.  However, his curls each have a mind of their own.  In the morning we would wet his hair down, use a little hair gel or hair glue and mold and sculpt.  As the day (or hour) wore on, the curls came to life in ways that no mom can understand. 

Here is a picture of "medium crazy," the point between styled and wild.  It is awfully cute!   Maybe I'll be inspired to actually post about this picture and project later.

Back to the hair.  The Prairie Kid has taken a lot of comments on his hair.  Good, bad, confused, and indifferent.  The Prairie Dad may not like it.  The Prairie Mom had her moments.  She did however decide to offer to "shape" it with some scissors.  She thought she knew how to.  She might have found out otherwise.

Let's see how The Prairie Kid interpreted the experience (he wrote about it in his class):

"One cold winter night I was walking in my house and my mom said "hair cut time!"  Then in my mind I said NO...but then my mom got the sisors and comb and then she came in and started to cut.  But in my mind I said This is going to be a bad hair cut!

Then I said I want a chair!  So my mom said "get one," so I did.  But when I got back I did not want to get back in the chair.  Are you wondering ya you, ya you, why?  Because I am scared!  But I hopped back in then I said are you done yet...2 minutes later are you done yet.  But mom said not yet."

I did offer to shape his hair on Sunday night.  I did realize part way through that I did not have a clue what I was doing and that it wasn't turning out like I planned.  I began to explain carefully to The Prairie Kid that I may be messing things up, and that was not my intention, and that I was sorry, and if it was truly horrible I would get him an appointment at a salon to fix it, and that I hoped he would forgive me.

He might have shed some tears afterward.  It was not expected to be as hacked as it turned out. 

However, it now looks really cool!  Shorter? Yes.  But the curls are still there and it stays put and looks stylish all day long.  And he says he now likes it.  And we have hair peace in our house once again.   : )