Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Commuting Comedy

On the way to school this morning...
The Prairie Kid said, "Mom, can I take Scooby Doo to school for Show and Motel?"

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Curves And Cracks

On the way to school yesterday...

TPK: "Mom, do bugs go up your nose?

Me: "Not usually. I haven't ever had one and I am old."

TPK: "No, you're young!"

Me: (thankful and impressed with my sons compliment) "Well, then who's old?"

TPK: "Grandpa."

Me: (laughing)

TPK: "You're old when you have a curved face with cracks in it."

Me: (laughing harder)

TPK: "I think I'll tell Grandpa he's old."

Me: (laughing even harder) "I don't think that's a good idea!"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brain Growth

I love playing Memory. The Prairie Kid got a new Toy Story Memory game for his birthday. I think I am WAY more excited about it than he is. Someone might even catch The Prairie Daddy and I playing it when The Kindergartner is at school. (Shhhh, don't tell!)

We were playing Memory the evening of the 1st day of school. I said to The Prairie Kid, "You could tell your teacher that you like to play games that help your brain grow!"

Day 2 after school in the car...

TPK: "Mom, I forgot to tell my teacher that I play games that make my brain grow."

Smile. I love playing Memory and making memories with my son.

Write That Down!

Yesterday I was sharing with my very dear friend some of the first 2 days of school dialogues. She said, "You have to write these things down!" I said, "I will have time to blog again!"
Here is some background info: The Prairie Kid takes his lunch to school. He has a baggie of milk money in his lunch bag. He has been well directed that Monday through Thursday he may have white milk. On Friday's he may have chocolate milk.

Day 1- The Prairie Kid chose white milk. I think "oh, what a wonderful, obedient son! He's just amazing! He's so ready for this!"

Day 2- We get into the car. We're not even pulling away from the curb across the street from the school when The Prairie Kid says, "Mom, they ran out of white milk today."

Me: "Did you have chocolate milk?"

TPK: "Yes."

Me: "Did they really run out of white milk? Tell me the truth."

TPK: (sheepish voice)"No, they didn't run out."

Me: "Thank you for telling me the truth. But you disobeyed me. If you don't obey you will not get chocolate milk on Friday and you might not get any milk at all. You might have to drink water at lunch." (I looked in his lunch bag) "See, you didn't even eat your lunch because you probably drank the chocolate milk too fast to be hungry. Your brain needs this food to grow and learn."

TPK: (Schlumpy voice) "Okay."

Day 3- The Prairie Kid comes home. After some time passes...

Me: "What kind of milk did you have today?"

TPK: "Chocolate!" (big smile)

Me: (not such a big smile) "Uh oh. You didn't obey me again. Tomorrow you can have water and then maybe you'll choose to obey."

TPK: "I promise I will have white milk tomorrow!"

Me: "Well, tomorrow you can have water and you can try again in 2 days."

TPK: "But they don't let you have water at lunch."

Me: "I guess you'll have to ask to use the drinking fountain. What a bummer."

Day 4- No milk money was sent to school today. Tomorrow is Friday, I don't have to worry about what kind of milk he has! Don't you love Fridays!

So, my friend said, "if your biggest problem is white or chocolate milk things are going well!"


This is surreal.

I am home alone.

Two days in a row.

I have time on my hands.

I have gotten things done around the house.

I am cooking dinner for tonight...this morning.

The toys are sorted and cleaned. And in place. Without anyone around to mess it up by lunchtime.

I swept.

I am well rested.

I am caught up on my Bible study.

I ate lunch with my husband yesterday...just he and I. I can't remember the last time that happened.

It is way too quiet around here.

The dishes are done.

I am bored.

I miss my little boy. I wonder what he's doing right now.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day Of Kindergarten

When did he grow up so much???
And when did he turn into Vannah White? : )

Sporting his new backpack.

And his new sweatshirt from one of the auntie's for his birthday.

On the 2nd day they were practicing lining up before entering the school. I love his teacher's structure!

Goodbye for the day, sweet boy! I love and miss you while you're at school!

Birthday Marathon

Day 1...The Prairie Kid's Birthday
On The Prairie Kid's birthday we started out with Chocolate Chip Pancakes at his request. We also went fishing and for a walk. We had birthday presents scattered throughout the day. That evening was the Back-To-School Picnic and meet your teacher event. We followed that with mini-golf with friends and a treat at DQ. It was a full, fun day.
I know, he isn't wearing a helmet...but we're getting one for him soonDay 2...Birthday Party With Friends

The Prairie Kid has been planning his 5th birthday for months. I had him make his "final decisions" the week before. We invited friends to the Rec center and I made a toy story cake. This year wasn't elaborate...just tasty. You can't go wrong with chocolate mousse cake!

Day 3...Family Birthday Party
We had the extended family meet us at a pizza place for pizza and cake to celebrate both The Prairie Kid's and The Prairie Daddy's birthdays. It was a nice time together.

The Prairie Kid got to invite his friend to come too...it was fun for to watch them play!
I love this picture!
The Family

Day 4...The Prairie Daddy's Birthday with friends at our house

The Prairie Daddy & his friend went out to check cows
Our friend made a special lime curd cheesecake for The Prairie Daddy's birthday. Wasn't that awesome of him?

Happy Birthday, Prairie Daddy!

New Chapters

As I spent some time talking with my Father this morning I realized that there were some chapters closing in our lives and some brand new ones starting. I praised Him for being the Perfect Author. There is no One better to write the book of our lives than He. As I closed the pages of one of the chapters this week I mourned. I mourned hard.

We are no longer a family with a little one at home. The chapter ended with lots of 5th birthday celebrations and time with friends and family. And quickly, on Monday morning the chapter was closed and the new one began.

We are now an Elementary Family.

It hit me much, much harder than I expected. More than one person asked me if there was something else going on. Nope. It was just a tough realization that my little boy is now going to spend the next umpteen years, Monday through Friday, eight hours a day with someone else. I have to release him to the Father. I have to release him to his teacher. It hurts way more than I expected. I am so used to watching over him, guiding him, correcting him, training him, celebrating with him, hanging out with him, being interrupted by him, crying with him, learning with him, growing with him, praying with him all day, every day. Minus the few hours of preschool last year and Tuesdays while I am at the office.

Monday morning I released him. And then I sobbed, and sobbed and sobbed. It brings me to tears as I write this...still grieving.

But I am not going to camp here long. And I am embracing the things to come. And I have peace that we're right where God wants us to be. And I know that the time we do have together will be rich and quality and full.

I am so thankful God is trustworthy and faithful. And He has my son.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whimpy Whimp

Transitions, transitions. Who is ready for Kindergarten? Who is ready for a new fall season for our family? Who is ready to head into routine? Who is ready for vaccinations?

Not me.

But The Prairie Kid seems to be soaring right into these things with more excitement and bravery then I ever expected. Yesterday was his 5 year wellness check up with the final vaccinations before Kindergarten. When we got into the doctor's office I asked "how many?" FOUR!

What? Isn't this illegal? Isn't this considered child torture or something like that? Cruel and unusual punishment? I am considering writing a bill to ban this kind of thing.

He had the wellness exam. I sat there and gloated over my son. He is healthy as can be. Entertaining and cute. Yep, I am a mom. A mom who is head over heels for her son. Just cannot help but to love and beam over this miracle that God gave me.

And then came the time for the doc to leave and the nurse to arrive again.


She offered a choice of where to receive the cruel and unusual punishment He picked one in each arm and one in each leg. I thought I was going to throw up. But I had to pull through for my child so I pulled on a fake look of ease and as he received his torture I asked him what he might like to buy if I took him to the dollar store right after the torture. And then I pulled out my iPod and played a game for him to watch and reminded him to look at the iPod and not The Torturer. He took each should-be-completely-outlawed stab without crying or flinching. Not even a wince.

He is my hero.

And then I hugged him (not where he was tortured) and loved him and praised him and wanted to hand him a million dollars for the dollar store (but just gave him two). It was a joy to take him shopping.

In a week and a half they expect me to leave him at this place called school, all day, every day. I think I am going to flinch and cry and wince. I don't think he got his bravery from me.