Thursday, August 26, 2010

Write That Down!

Yesterday I was sharing with my very dear friend some of the first 2 days of school dialogues. She said, "You have to write these things down!" I said, "I will have time to blog again!"
Here is some background info: The Prairie Kid takes his lunch to school. He has a baggie of milk money in his lunch bag. He has been well directed that Monday through Thursday he may have white milk. On Friday's he may have chocolate milk.

Day 1- The Prairie Kid chose white milk. I think "oh, what a wonderful, obedient son! He's just amazing! He's so ready for this!"

Day 2- We get into the car. We're not even pulling away from the curb across the street from the school when The Prairie Kid says, "Mom, they ran out of white milk today."

Me: "Did you have chocolate milk?"

TPK: "Yes."

Me: "Did they really run out of white milk? Tell me the truth."

TPK: (sheepish voice)"No, they didn't run out."

Me: "Thank you for telling me the truth. But you disobeyed me. If you don't obey you will not get chocolate milk on Friday and you might not get any milk at all. You might have to drink water at lunch." (I looked in his lunch bag) "See, you didn't even eat your lunch because you probably drank the chocolate milk too fast to be hungry. Your brain needs this food to grow and learn."

TPK: (Schlumpy voice) "Okay."

Day 3- The Prairie Kid comes home. After some time passes...

Me: "What kind of milk did you have today?"

TPK: "Chocolate!" (big smile)

Me: (not such a big smile) "Uh oh. You didn't obey me again. Tomorrow you can have water and then maybe you'll choose to obey."

TPK: "I promise I will have white milk tomorrow!"

Me: "Well, tomorrow you can have water and you can try again in 2 days."

TPK: "But they don't let you have water at lunch."

Me: "I guess you'll have to ask to use the drinking fountain. What a bummer."

Day 4- No milk money was sent to school today. Tomorrow is Friday, I don't have to worry about what kind of milk he has! Don't you love Fridays!

So, my friend said, "if your biggest problem is white or chocolate milk things are going well!"

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