Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Marathon

Day 1...The Prairie Kid's Birthday
On The Prairie Kid's birthday we started out with Chocolate Chip Pancakes at his request. We also went fishing and for a walk. We had birthday presents scattered throughout the day. That evening was the Back-To-School Picnic and meet your teacher event. We followed that with mini-golf with friends and a treat at DQ. It was a full, fun day.
I know, he isn't wearing a helmet...but we're getting one for him soonDay 2...Birthday Party With Friends

The Prairie Kid has been planning his 5th birthday for months. I had him make his "final decisions" the week before. We invited friends to the Rec center and I made a toy story cake. This year wasn't elaborate...just tasty. You can't go wrong with chocolate mousse cake!

Day 3...Family Birthday Party
We had the extended family meet us at a pizza place for pizza and cake to celebrate both The Prairie Kid's and The Prairie Daddy's birthdays. It was a nice time together.

The Prairie Kid got to invite his friend to come was fun for to watch them play!
I love this picture!
The Family

Day 4...The Prairie Daddy's Birthday with friends at our house

The Prairie Daddy & his friend went out to check cows
Our friend made a special lime curd cheesecake for The Prairie Daddy's birthday. Wasn't that awesome of him?

Happy Birthday, Prairie Daddy!

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