Friday, April 10, 2009

Colorful And Crafty

This week The Prairie House got crafty. As I mentioned in the last post there was some fun egg decorating going on around here. My nephew joined The Prairie Kid and I for some exploration the the "shiny" egg decorating kit. I loved it! Here we are doing some of the initial basics:

This is what happens when you tell a 3 year old to "hold up the egg for the picture!"

And here are some of the finished product...the picture doesn't do them justice...they were really shiny and metallic on the spots that came out dark in the picture:

The other Easter goodie project that took place was this morning. I have the privilege of being the 4-H project volunteer for my wonderful friend Molly the Marvelous' daughter. She is 11, a 5th grader, and one awesome young lady. One of the projects she is working on is cake decorating. This was our first official "class" together and we had fun. I had made some sugar cookies for Easter yesterday so that we could decorate them today. I also had her make a cake to freeze for the next decorating time together. She was so great at everything she did and I was really impressed.
I had her do many of the tasks without my help today, including assembling a tray of her finished product for our big friend's Easter get together on Sunday. She did a GREAT job!
I am really not surprised she did so well considering her mom is one of the best hostesses I know! And a good hostess can put together a display!

Her red velvet cake turned out great too. Here she is taking them out of the pans:
We'll also be working on Home Decor and Child Development projects together. She has a goat that she will show but I am not the qualified volunteer to help on that one! I will look forward to sharing with you our progress as we move toward county fair in July.
Tonight we are going out to pizza with two families (Molly the Marvelous' and Nikki the Wonderful's (there is not a suitable "n" adjective for this awesome woman!). Afterwards we will venture over to our church and go through a unique worship experience of different stations that will help us to reflect and meditate on the purpose of this holiday weekend. I am excited to find out what creative things our worship leader and helpers put together.
Sunday after church we will share Easter dinner with The Prairie Daddy's family at my mom-in-law's and then come back to share dessert with our groupies. : )
If I am in an offensive mood in the morning I might put on some shoulder pads and a helmet and take The Prairie Kid to the local egg hunt. I took him two years ago and was amazed at how determined some families are to get the most eggs for their wee ones. We came away with one, ONE egg in his basket (and it was one a family forced their kid to give my passive tot because every time he reached for one someone else came through and swiped it!) So hopefully we will have a better experience and at the very least help a littler tot like he once was to go away feeling safer and more successful as a plastic egg hunter!
I wish you all a very meaningful, personal Resurrection celebration this weekend!

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You have a very beautiful family!