Saturday, April 18, 2009

And I Didn't Even Get Processed!

Today was branding up at Dad's. It was a great day. I typically love branding days no matter what but today seemed extra great. I prayed a lot that it would be that way. Thank you Lord for answered prayers. We got up early and loaded the pick up with a pajama clad Prairie Kid. We got to pick up his Hero on the way through town and then headed to Dad's. The Prairie Kid got dressed and went in to play with Grandma while seven of us took out 6 4-wheelers to get the cows and calves in. This was the first treat of my day: I got to ride with Dad.

Because I lost my own Dad when I was 16 there is a special place that my father-in-law has in my life; he is more than a father-in-law for me. He is my dad. It isn't like he needed another kid, he's got 7 of his own (yep, The Prairie Daddy is the youngest of 7!), but I needed a dad, and so he's stuck with me! There was a piece of my "little girl heart" that was fulfilled by hopping on the 4-where behind him.

The cows and calves came in smooth and then we spent quite awhile sorting them. The mamas were spoiled today and got let right back out into the field to finish their breakfast. The calves, not so lucky! Everything went smooth though. The Prairie Kid even came out when we started and made great decisions and was a good boy all the way until the end! I was thinking about how in just a few years he'll really be able to help with parts of the process.

Speaking of process, when you work cattle you call it "processing" them. Along with getting branded, they received a new ear tag (which was my job to assemble, record and sometimes insert in the ear), 2 vaccines, and the bull calves, well, they are no longer bull they're steers. Even though I wasn't processed today I sure am tired! I think The Prairie Family will sleep good tonight!

Everything went so smooth today, everyone was in a good mood, and the weather was great. This will go down as own of my favorite cattle working days thus far.

Here are some fun photos from the days events:

There was a hole in the fence that must have had something interesting on the other side!

Here is The Prairie Kid playing in the dirt with his sorting stick:
Doughnut time!
Go calves!
The Prairie Kid stayed close to his Hero much of the day

Doughnut, Grandpa?

Wait for me!

I'll sort you Auntie Gayle!

The Prairie Kid's first full can of soda...ever!

From calf

Working hard or hardly workin?
10 second break before next calf
Gotta love this picture!

Auntie has a special place in her heart for bum calves!

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