Friday, April 10, 2009

What's Been Happening On The Prairie

I haven't been able to come up with any great post content lately. I guess that means things are going smooth, right? No binges of humble pie, incidents with child or dog, etc. Ahhhh, it feels kinda nice. Boring, but nice. : ) Just kidding, we have had our moments around here but I haven't had a "blogging moment" come over me for awhile.

Actually, we've been fairly busy and having fun. Things with Jack are going better and the possible "solution of solutions" is in the mail...a shock collar with a kermote. Part of my blog goal today is to share with you a few of the cute things that The Prairie Kid has been saying lately. One of them is "kermote." I didn't think remote was really a hard word but I guess it is hard enough!

Back to Jack. Jack has stolen a little bit more of my heart every day. He isn't running from me as bad as he was (The Prairie Daddy still is struggling with this one). He likes to cuddle and play and lay beside me. The other afternoon I was sneaking a little movie time during nap time and Jack decided to crawl up on my lap. He's a little big for a lap dog! But what ended it very abruptly was as I was petting him I came across and bump...TICK!!! ICK!!! And out went the dog until The Prairie Daddy came home to pull it out. I guess we'll be going to get some tick repellent for him. As for the shock collar though, we definitely need it to help Jack learn a few very important lessons:

A. Do not leave the yard. It is big enough for you to have plenty of space to run around in.

B. Do not chase wildlife, especially deer and antelope. BIG no-no.

C. Do not chew up the hot tub cover. (Or any other non-meant-to-be-chewed-by-a-dog items)

D. Do not eat the cat food. It was obviously not made for you, haven't you smelled your own gas lately? I am surprised it hasn't knocked you out!

Here is Jack doing some cute pose on his back:

I didn't have time to blog last weekend because my mom and step dad and nephew came in for a long weekend! Yea! We had a busy schedule but had time to sneak in some Easter egg dying on Monday. I picked up a new kind and it was awesome! I will make another post in a little bit with some pictures.

Here are two more things that The Prairie Kid has recently been heard saying:

- hours after doing some house cleaning before my mom came last week The Prairie Kid came to me and said enthusiastically, "Great job cleaning, Mom! Great job!"

- after I told him "not yet" about turning the TV on this morning he replied in a sad voice "Mom, you can't say not yet. That is not nice."

I know there were several more things that I thought "ooh, I will have to remember that!" But I didn't. Oops.

Among other Prairie News, the weather has been acting as if it has a chemical imbalance. Warm and sunny for two days, snowing for 2, warm again, snow again. It has been interesting. I think all of the moisture is fantastic but I really am ready for some consistent warmer weather. And when I say warmer, I really just mean at least 50.

Hmmm. What a random post. I think I will finish this one up so I can do the next one with more focus!

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