Friday, April 17, 2009

If Dogs Could Pray...

If Jack could, I think he would be praying today. I think, as interesting and unbelievable as this may sound, he would say, "God, thank you for what's about to come in the mail and restrict my life."

You see, Jack has a choice, he can either obey with the collar that's about to arrive or he may not get to stay around here. For some reason this morning Jack decided to "sow some wild oats." He took off from the get-go and didn't come home. He was quite a ways from the house in one direction and then decided to head the other at some the barn.

Jack killed one of our chickens today. Big, BIG mistake. The Prairie Daddy furiously brought him home and tied him up outside and said, "he will stay there until the collar comes!" I responded, "well, he has to come in to eat and sleep." And although that was agreed to, I know that The Prairie Daddy means business. If Jack gets loose and wanders and even attempts to kill another chicken he will not get to stay.

So, you see, I really think if he could pray and know what is about to come come in the mail for him he would be thankful. : ) Where is that package?

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