Friday, August 19, 2011


We're calving. It is demanding much of The Prairie Daddy's time but it is also the time of year where we see our future falling fresh on the green prairie grass. This is our livelihood. This is our bread and butter; black, fluffy Angus calves.

We went out together as a family to check, vaccinate and tag calves the other night. What a sweet time together.

After a calf gets vaccinated and tagged, the mom often makes sure her babe is okay.

We had to help this mom remember she had twins...
She was mothering one well and we needed to watch to make sure she wandered off with both of her kids.

Team work.


You always keep one eye on the mom...good moms protect their young
And that can mean trouble for Cowboy (although he's never had too much trouble. We try to keep only cows that are good moms but not crazy toward us!)

Brand new calf...we'll wait until tomorrow to tag this little one
What a good mama.

Beautiful dusk on the prairie

Oh how much I love that face!

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