Monday, March 26, 2012

Minor Makeover: Room Addition

I am a simplest by nature. And I know myself well enough to know that I should keep my projects simple, also.

The Prairie Kid's room needed a "makeover." His walls still had decor from when he was a baby on them! Now he's pushing 7 and it was high time to do some updating.

Before Christmas I started asking questions about what kind of room he would like. On Christmas I gave him several items to do the room update.

I finally got around to actually doing the update today!

It took me all of 30 minutes (including sewing the window cover) today and cost around $15.00 total. That's my kind of project; cheap and quick! I did spend some time on the clothespins before'll see those in detail in the pics.

Here's the result:
Wall decals

Sports pics and window cover (I will probably add a valance)
The pics are just paper from a scrap booking pack. We already had the blanket so it was perfect to tie in the green walls with some dark blue

More sports pics and then the ribbon with clothespins to hang things at his level

The clothespins have sports paper decoupaged on them and
they're embellished with buttons and puffy sports stickers

The Benji poster was The Prairie Daddy's when he was little. I lowered it and hung the basketball hoop on the door

More wall decals

It may not be some elaborate masterpiece but for a little time and a little money I am sure we'll have a VERY happy boy after school when he sees his "new room."

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Katie {katie lately} said...

how fun! you'll have to tell me how he reacts when he gets home! when I was little I used to love coming home to little "surprises" :)