Friday, June 8, 2012

Staring At The South End...

of north bound cattle. That's what we did today. It was the first time The Prairie Kid got to ride his own horse and move cows with us.  It was great. Here is our "day at a glance:"
Brushing Bart before saddling up
The Prairie Daddy did the saddling...The Prairie Kid got to pose
A Little Riding Lesson
All ready to go!

Heading up the draw to the cows
I went a different direction to open a gate.  Unfortunately, I opened the wrong gate.  : (  The instructions I get aren't always that thorough but I felt bad nonetheless.  We managed but it probably took longer.  
As I was headed from the gate to the herd I was on the opposite side of a draw and my heart was so filled looking at this site...
The Prairie Kid did a good job of trying to keep his horse going and push the cows
After the first round we got to take a granola bar break.  If its good enough to eat, its good enough to wear!
I was so proud of my little man today.  He has never had the chance to ride much and he was on a horse well over 3 hours today.  He did a little fussing but overall he was super tough (I told him he had to be to be a cowboy!) and he was very helpful.  We crossed a milestone today and I look forward to years of riding together on the ranch.

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I can't wait to hear more milestones shared on here. :)