Friday, July 6, 2012

Finishing A Chapter

11 months ago this week I was asked to go full-time as the Director of Children's Ministry at our church.  I had been working for over a year and a half in a part-time capacity.  As a new pastor came on board and the church began to see growth, he realized that the job was going to need more time than I was committed to. 

After prayerfully considering the offer with The Prairie Daddy, we both knew that this was not the best choice for our family, which is my first ministry.  So, I declined and began a long transition that will come to a close exactly one year after the first conversation about this that the pastor and I had. 

In November I was shifted to an "interim co-director" and they added another co-director to the position to help carry the load.  A search committee was formed and began accepting applications for a full-time ministry leader.

This process took months before candidates were invited to visit.  And finally in May the position was offered and accepted to a great guy from Idaho.  Just this past weekend they moved to our area and he began his work yesterday.

I will wrap up my position as the VBS coordinator and officially be done on August 13th.

Meanwhile, there were many prayers and conversations about "now what?"  "I wonder what to do next.  I can't just not do anything."  "Maybe I could waitress again.  I love to waitress."  "Maybe I could work for a realtor.  I love real estate."

And as season of life began to get closer to closure, another began.


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