Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Big Christmas Blessing

This was a SUPER special Christmas for my husband's family.  He is the youngest of seven.  Four live locally and three live out of state.  It was the first Christmas since 1989 that they were all together!  And many of the nieces and nephews were able to come as well.

Have you ever had a Christmas with 25 people around the tree?  Well, to simplify things we played the gift exchange game, unless you were 7, and then you got gifts from everyone.  Oh, how nice it is to be young. ; )

There is a special tradition that my father-in-law started.  He has bought a belt buckle from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for each of his grandkids.  Not all of the grandkids could make it but he was able to take a picture with all but 3 of them.  What a crew!
Here is Mom and Dad with their seven kids.
  I wish I would have noticed my dear hubby and moved him before I saw the picture after-the-fact. ; ) 

And then we got the whole crew together!

Oh, and I like this pic of my sis-in-law and I. : )

I will post more pics of all of the fun we had during the week together!

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