Thursday, September 11, 2008

10, 9, 8, 7....

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!

The Galaxy program has officially launched. What a ride! Launch Day was good. Last details coming together. Lists, lists and more lists. Rooms to arrange, people to encourage, kids to sign up, helpers to delegate, schedules to stick to, games to run, dramas to direct...
I was pretty much ready for our whirlwind meeting before The Rush and had several people willing to do whatever I asked of them (bless their hearts). And then I took my post at the registration tables.

The Rush was scary. It wasn't scary to register kids, it was scary because I was thinking that hundreds of kids were passing by. It was such a jumble for me and seemed like hoards and hoards of them checking in. I wondered what it was like down the hall in the room where we were starting out. Was it chaos? Were the kids overtaking the leaders? Did I want to know how it really was?

Finally, when things at the registration table died down I was brave enough to wonder down to the room where Lift Off, the opening worship, was taking place. I walked in and found the room neatly organized with kids in rows on the floor learning the signs to a new song. Bliss.

And when it was time I dismissed each group to where they needed to be and accompanied the K-3rd graders down the hall where I was going to direct the instant drama. It was bliss. And then we broke them into three groups and I got them started on the games. It was bliss. I took time between game instructions and rushed to get each registered child placed in their Circle of Friends, the group they would be assigned to for the year. Accomplished.

And then the newly assigned Circles of Friends went down to their classrooms for closing discussions and journaling. I wandered down to check on the preschool and 4-5th grade programs. Everyone was right where they were supposed to be. Everything was going super! As I walked back up the hall tears filled my eyes because our Lord is so faithful; He put together a program and allowed me to be a part of it. Bliss.

Were there hundreds of kids? No, just a perfectly doable 66. It all went so well.

There are definitly a few details to iron out before next week but they are things that will just enhance the program that much more. I am excited to see what the year will bring. I am humbly and thankfully in awe of our gracious, awesome God. To Him be the glory.

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