Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Time, No Blog Post

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. Time is zooming by every day and I am at times wondering if my brain can hold on to any new information. Last week I definitely hit mental saturation; I was unable to find a spot to stick more info. This week should be less demanding. We had a great time with extended family in town last week and Galaxy went well. The highlight since my last post was this weekend.

A few girlfriends and I decided we wanted to go to Billings to the Beth Moore conference. We had been eagerly awaiting last Friday morning when we kissed our hubbies and babes goodbye, loaded up in my Suburban, and headed north. We had a blast. It was one of the most precious girl's times I have ever had. We laughed, teased, loved, shared, learned, cried, shopped, ate, worshiped, hugged, encouraged, prayed, and lived the whole time. I barely even slept it was so good. The conference itself was amazing but to enjoy it with these women took it to almost an indescribable level. Girls, thanks for a fantastic time. I miss you already!

The conference was a time to really soak up some good sound Biblical lessons. I took home some gold nuggets to meditate on. And the worship was awesome. I brought that home with me too. I was able to enjoy our church worship yesterday like never before.

This week should be some rest time and trying to find a "normal" routine for Galaxy prep and facilitation. I will wrap up this post because I want to do a separate one on recent stories of The Prairie Kid.

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