Sunday, December 5, 2010

Is It Spring?

You might think so after the cleaning that went on this past week. Since there will be remodeling starting in our bathroom this week, the storage room next to our bathroom had to be emptied. The wall that the bathroom and storage room share is going to be knocked out and moved into the storage room a little ways to make room for a new shower.

Last Thursday I came home from Moms Together just exhausted. When I got home, all I wanted to do was lay around and watch movies. The Prairie Daddy was upstairs bang-clanging away in the bathroom removing tile from the walls. We thought we'd save the tile but after he pulled that tub surround out that I showed you in the demolition post he thought it would be best to pull more of the bathroom out to make sure we weren't missing any more damaged wall. He also decided to check the plumbing; good thing, the pipes were rusted out and ready to break!

Given that The Prairie Daddy was upstairs working hard, and the fact that watching movies with the bang-clanging and drilling going on would not work, I decided to begin working on the storage room.

And the next thing I knew...I was working on the upstairs bookshelf, and then the guest room closest, and then the guest room dressers, and then the laundry room storage...

Six and a half hours later I had cleaned out, re-organized and sorted all of these spaces. The kitchen was COVERED in giveaways and the trash to be hauled out was appalling. It was so cleansing though...although I don't want a project like that again for another, well, never.

I couldn't hardly believe how MUCH stuff we had that we will never miss. How MUCH junk we had sitting in boxes. Wow.

So, when Spring rolls around and it is time to think cleaning, I will get to sit back and watch a movie. : )

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