Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Is Coming

I may not enjoy pulling out the boxes of decorations until a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving but I sure do enjoy CHRISTMAS BAKING!!! This week at Moms Together we'll have our annual Christmas Cookie Exchange. Each mom who wants to participate will bring 4 dozen of Christmas cookies. We'll set them all out on a table and with empty containers in hand we'll circle the table grabbing equal amounts of Christmas cookie goodness until everything is divvied out.

I got to spend some good time in the kitchen today and got a double batch of ginger cookies with icing and embellishments and a double batch of chocolate dipped crunchy peanut butter balls finished.

The Prairie Daddy is hosting his men's Bible study at our house tonight so we kept some of the goodies out of the freezer for their treats.

We just booked a trip to Hawaii for January. This time of year isn't going to be easy on swimsuit prep. Good thing my tankinis are loose around the waist! ; )

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