Monday, November 29, 2010

Demolition Central

At the beginning of the month The Prairie Daddy went on a "thinking spree" of what things could be done on the house. We have two bathrooms that were not installed well by whomever installed them long before we bought the ranch. Also, there are some windows that could use some replacing. We've been talking about this and that, picking out shower surrounds, figuring out how to save here and there, ordering items, and working with our builder friend who will do the work.

The Prairie Daddy decided today was the day to begin demolition...I'm not sure I am really all that ready for pieces of the house to be torn up but it's too late now! At least he was in the upstairs bathroom that we don't use. Hopefully by the time we have guests again it will be all spruced up!

It was a good thing that he decided to do this however, because as you can see the wall behind the surround was missing tiles and in pretty bad shape. Now we can prepare for the full extent of what needs to be done.

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