Friday, November 26, 2010

Carrying On Tradition

When I was growing up my parent's had a special tradition for good report cards. Instead of money or toys we would get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant to celebrate. I have fond memories of creme brulee and multiple pieces of flatware.

The Prairie Kid got his first report card. I shared our family tradition with The Prairie Daddy and we decided to give it a try. So today we sat The Prairie Kid down at the kitchen table with his report card. We explained to him that he did a great job and we wanted to honor his hard work and celebrate. We told him there was a special restaurant he hadn't been to and we could get dressed up and go tonight.

I wasn't sure if this would be something he would get excited about but was pleased to find out that he was. He joyfully got dressed up, as did The Prairie Daddy and myself. We ventured to town and had a lovely dinner at one of the nicer restaurants.

We started out with a Shirley Temple. He thought that was pretty special. We had a fish taco appetizer and split a Caesar salad and some French onion soup. For our entrees we shared a buffalo meatloaf with goat cheese mashed potatoes and a mixed veggie side (this was The Prairie Kid's choice) and a seafood bouillabaisse. And at the end, we topped it all off with a flourless chocolate torte with raspberry sauce and...creme brulee.

Way to go Prairie Kid, keep up the good work!

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Jane Dwyer Iams said...

This sounds like a great idea . . . can Daniel and I send you our report cards?!!