Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful For Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving break was oh so good for our family. We had been so busy beforehand that we noticed The Prairie Kid having some separation anxiety that we thought might be a by-product. I thought that a quiet weekend together would be just the right medicine. I think it was. Although, we might have had a little TOO much down time...we were a little on the silly side. We played games, watched movies, played toys, tickled, told stories, watching The Prairie Kid's baby video, read, took a drive, cuddled, and tried each others' clothes on...

It was a great five days together. I do think it was time to get The Prairie Kid back to school. He has a new excess of energy and volume now that he is a Kindergartner. I think the structure of his school day does him wonders. I also needed to get back to some form of responsibility and routine. Too much laying around is not a good thing. : ) And, I think I'll keep my pajamas for myself.

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