Monday, February 28, 2011


I am sad that it has been so long. I don't have much time but I just couldn't resist putting this post together. I just don't want to pass up an opportunity to entertain others at my lovely expense. : )

Jessica A., this post is dedicated to you because you thought it was so much fun how badly I messed up the carrot chips I attempted once. And Brenda H., I miss you too! I am so busy I don't even get to keep up on the blogs my friends write!

So, in our Bountiful Basket we got a coconut. I LOVE coconut. The Prairie Daddy helped me carve it out and I found a recipe on Facebook's Bountiful Baskets page on "what to do with your coconut." I got really excited to make these Dominican treats called Cocadas (coconut cupcakes):

Now, I want to forewarn you...please don't be jealous of my natural giftedness to perfectly replicate a recipe. Brace yourselves, this is amazing...

Unfortunately, as I sit here and smell the burnt drippings (and my eyes burn of the lingering smoke) of one big kitchen disaster that just doesn't quite seem to fit the way I imagined or planned it, I am laughing a tired little laugh that this is kind of a picture of how I feel some days in my life right now. But I know that God is way bigger than my floppy messes and He allows them to keep me humble (and strangely entertained).


Miss Brenda said...

Ah, Prairie Mama, I am proud to know you. I missed the basket this week so no coconuts for us. I will just live vicariously through you. And my oven will still be clean.

Amanda said...

blame it on the altitude