Thursday, March 3, 2011

Can It Be?

Can it be? I have some time to write another post this week? I am choosing to allow this time because it is therapeutic for me in the middle of a very stressful schedule right now. I will not let myself feel guilty for setting aside some time this afternoon to take a rest from work, house chores, etc.

The last post that I wrote about the events of our life (other than incredibly beautiful cupcakes) was in December. DECEMBER! It is MARCH! Oops.

After Christmas life went back to "normal" routine for a whole...week...and then we jumped into the remodels of 2 bathrooms and prepped for a trip to Hawaii.

The remodels were a little frustrating but ended up good. I got to listen to a whole lot of sermons and seminars while doing some finishing work in one bathroom.

And then we left for Hawaii. And you can see pictures on the next post!

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