Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hawaii Part Seven- Waimea

You really don't go to Kauai without visiting the famous Waimea Canyon. We headed out on the journey and were already given the "heads up" from a church friend to stop for the BEST shave ice in the world.

I admit, I wasn't super excited about a "fancy snow cone" but I trust this lady and she RAVED about it and I committed to her to stop off at the infamous place. It was a total dive of a spot and, as you can see, there is nothing fancy about it.

However, Jo Jo's shave ice is an AMAZING treat! All of the rave was SO accurate. There is NOTHING like it! And it is not a "fancy snow cone." We had a heavenly portion of Macadamia Nut Ice Cream topped with perfectly shaved ice covered in gourmet, tropical syrups, topped with COCONUT CREAM! Does it get ANY yummier? Mmmmm. The Prairie Daddy and I haven't stopped talking about getting a REAL shave ice business on the mainland.

So, after filling ourselves with Jo Jo's wonder, we headed on our 3 hour drive of the entire Waimea Canyon (accessible by road). Here was the ONLY part of ANY of the drive that we were able to see...
And guess what? That isn't even Waimea Canyon! It is an overlook off the Na'Pali Coast. The clouds had settle into the canyon for the afternoon and we saw NONE of it. Here's about all we saw at the overlooks...

It's a good thing Jo Jo's was so delicious because otherwise I wouldn't have a fond memory of the word "Waimea" after that pointless drive.

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