Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hawaii Part Five- A Ranch Away From The Ranch

We stopped off at the Kualoa Ranch before heading to the airport for a Jungle Expedition. This is a cattle ranch on Oahu that has various tours on it. It was fun to see their land and learn some things. Of course, The Prairie Daddy was asking lots of questions. Here is a picture of the ranch. Nice backdrop, eh?

Here is our fancy Jungle Expedition rig

And here we are on the part of the tour that overlooks the famous Moli'i pond. Many shows have been filmed at this location...from Gilligan's Island to a current TV show called "Off The Map." Lost, Jurassic Park, and 50 First Dates are all other shows I remember hearing were at least partially filmed in this area.
See that cute little island sticking up in the left background? You might remember it from 50 First Dates! And look, the sun decided to come out a little bit for us!

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