Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hawaii Part Six- Island Hopping

Next came Kauai. Immediately we felt a difference in ease, atmosphere, congestion (or a lack thereof) in Kauai. The more "rural" feel put us both at ease feeling like it was more like a vacation at that point. We were SO pleasantly surprised when we got to our resort, which I carefully picked due to the amount of sun that part of the island gets, and discovered our accommodations. I didn't realize when booking that we weren't in a hotel room...

we were in a CONDO!

With our own private lanai!

It felt quite heavenly to have this kind of treat. We enjoyed cooking breakfast in the mornings and having the space that it gave. The resort was beautiful and it was easy to get around the area. Our next door neighbors stay for 2 months every year! It must be nice to be retired. : )

Here was a little visitor I had one morning while hanging on on the lanai

And this was the VIEW from the lanai! That is Poipu Beach in the background

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