Monday, April 25, 2011


It was a fun time for The Prairie Kid and I to decorate eggs on Good Friday.

I boiled 2 dozen eggs for him this year. I was glad to find a kit that had little buckets for the dye too.

He had a blast...look at this kooky kid...

He dyed 20 in the time I was able to dye 4. I had to "shut him down" because he would have re-dipped every egg over and over and we would have had a bunch of brown eggs...blech. So, I gave him some coffee filters and he colored them for a little while.
I spent much time on mine. Here they are...
I even named my eggs...going from top left clockwise:
"The Simple Flower Egg"
"The Plaid Egg"
"The Drippy Artsy Egg"
and "The Traditional Egg"

Yes, I may have gotten a little carried away but it was fun. And The Prairie Kid appreciated my "named art" because he's asked me to tell him the names more than once.

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