Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodbye, Ol' Friend

It was one of those brutal days as a Mom. The Prairie Daddy and I sat our little man down today and told him that his beloved horse Jed has gotten old and doesn't feel very well. It was the last day that we had to go ride and see Jed and tomorrow he will be gone. He immediately asked the "dreaded question":

"Will he die?"


And from there we had a good, long family cry.

Afterward we got ready to go see Jed for the last time. The Prairie Kid had such an awesome attitude the whole time. He smiled and enjoyed his friend like never before. I took a bazillion pictures and some video.

Jed was way out in the field. The Prairie Kid ran out to meet him. Jed came right to him and we watched them walk toward us together.

We've enjoyed Jed immensely. We've gotten to take many family and friends on rides at our ranch with Jed. It is so hard to see a good, trusty horse get to the end of their health.

Right before heading home The Prairie Kid said "Goodbye, Jed. I love you." And I said goodbye. And I betcha The Prairie Daddy said goodbye.

He will be missed.


Miss Brenda said...

I never even met Jed, but this brought tears to my mama eyes. Praying for your family this weekend.

Kim said...

I will never forget when my childhood horse Spud had to go. He was a trusty friend and it is very hard to say goodbye.