Monday, November 21, 2011

And We're Off

On November 10th I tearfully and hesitantly said goodbye to The Prairie Kid. That evening I went home and finished up the final packing for our big adventure to West Africa. It was not any easy evening. My fears and anxiety were in full throttle and I had to push back many apprehensions.

The next morning we rose early and loaded up. I took my "last shower" (or so I thought) for awhile. My excitement took over most of my anxiety. This was it. We were really doing this. Crazy.

We met up with our "partners in crime" at the airport and checked in. A woman from our church was dropping her son off that morning. She has been to Africa and has been supporting us with encouragement this past couple of months. What a treat to have her there and then "see us off" as well.

Our flights went smooth from Cody to Denver and then Denver to DC.

And then in DC we loaded up on the plane for Brussels. And then we heard an announcement that there was an electrical problem. And then another and another and another.

Two hours later we were taken off the plane. We waited two more before settling onto the next one. And we prayed and prayed that we would not miss our flight from Brussels to West Africa . We watched on the flight map the arrival time get pushed farther and farther and we realized that it would take a miracle to make our flight.

When we arrived in Brussels we rushed to see where to go. The departures board still had our flight listed and it said "FINAL BOARDING." The United personnel were very unhelpful and we were not sure where to go or what to do. We wandered around and tried to find our transfer area. The next thing we realized was it was too late. Our flight was gone and there we were in Brussels.

It took hours for us to figure out what was next. We ended up getting rooms and meal vouchers for the Sheraton Hotel from United and they re-routed us through Paris to West Africa the next morning.

We accepted it without too much disappointment and decided to make an adventure out of it. I'll keep that for the next post.

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