Monday, November 21, 2011

Stepping Through Faith

Our flight to West Africa was uneventful but as a team we talked about how our nerves had really kicked in and we were just about to embark on everything unknown. We had been told many things about the airport and the country that didn't leave us at ease. We really wondered what we would experience when we stepped out of the plane. On our flight I sat next to a man from the UK and he had been to West Africa once before on business. He travels all over the world and he shared with me that the country we were visiting is one of his least favorite places. Yikes!

We all looked at each other with wide-eyes and deep breaths as we stepped off the plane and walked the corridor into The Unknown. The air was hot and humid. My heart was beating fast and I wondered what in the world I was doing. I had to push through fear and keep going step after step.

We were pleasantly surprised by the order and ease of the customs lines. We had been told the opposite. And as we stood their and waited our turn we saw a man walk into the customs area holding our picture. The host missionaries knew this mans mother and he works at the airport. This man sweetly took us through the rest of the process. We were hassled a bit leaving the airport with our luggage. The woman was harsh and questioned me before letting us go. And then we were off for the rest of our adventure.

The ride to the guest house was overwhelming with sites to take in. There were people EVERYWHERE along the streets. We went to the host missionaries home to eat before going to our guest house at the CMA church compound. I don't remember sleeping that night we were so exhausted. We woke up early the next day to leave for the farm.

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