Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The majority of what we went through in SLC at the burn center is not something I am going to choose to publish on my blog.  In such a tough time though, there are sweet moments.  You cling to them.  You cherish them up in your heart and allow them to be what helps you push through the torture.  You create them to cope.  You do silly things in the midst of the pain and the exhaustion and you let yourself laugh.  We weren't shy in doing so.  Our laughter was our best medicine (okay, my best medicine, cause the narcotics and anesthesia were definitely The Prairie Daddy's best medicine!)

Cuddling.  That was about as close to my cowboy as I was willing to get in fear I would bump his wounds.

 My sisters took turns flying into SLC to support us.  My mom was in Poland on vacation so she came after we returned home and was back from overseas.  My sister and I donned a couple of the mustaches from her wedding reception one afternoon.  We were celebrating the move from the Burn Trauma ICU to a regular room on another floor.  The CNA was fun and we had a good time laughing when he came into the room to our facial accessories.

I am sure they have NEVER seen another family feed their patient with stick-on mustaches!

The Prairie Daddy was in splints for 5 days so we got to feed him. It was funny at times. 

When they took his splints off and we were close to getting released from the hospital we had a "date" and watched some TV together in his hospital bed.

The day after he got released from the hospital his brother and sis-in-law were visiting.  We were going to go to a movie but The Prairie Daddy requested MINI GOLF instead!  We had a lot of fun on this MUCH needed break from the hospital.  He was pretty fun to play with since he was still on methadone. 

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