Monday, October 29, 2012

Corn Maze Leads To Finding Normal

 Life in October was far from normal.  It was October 8th when we arrived home from SLC.  We had to spend up to an hour a day dressing The Prairie Daddy's wounds.  It was hard.  Sometimes I would just break down and cry as I looked at his body.  Sometimes I would be able to just buckle down and get the task at hand done without flinching.  Every day, every moment was different.  He was tired and needed rest.  Overall, I am incredibly impressed with how he handled having to be home more, rest and take time getting back to work.
We did slowly re-join society.  It was much harder for me than I expected.  It is funny what trauma does to a person and going into public and seeing lots of people and answering lots of questions was exhausting.  I didn't feel normal; I wasn't normal.  And the normal world felt unknown and harsh.  It took time but I finally found myself feeling normal again by Thanksgiving.

Here was our first outing after the accident.  We took The Prairie Kid to the Family Fun Day at the Pumpkin Patch at church.
Then we went with a group of friends to Billings to the Corn Maze and celebrated several birthdays.
 Me and one of the greatest ladies in the world! 
 (don't mind our silly friend sticking his head in the background!)

What a crew!  
Here is this year's carved pumkpin

And somehow I cannot find a picture of my kiddo on Halloween.  I will have to see about trying to track one down.

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