Friday, November 16, 2012

Letting Go

I have had a long standing hard rule at our house: NO playing on the stairs.  Stairs scare a mom.  The thought of a tumbling body is too much for my heart.  But there comes a day when something happens; kids grow up and they all of the sudden can handle a forbidden territory.  Second grade comes and, I guess, with it comes a mom relinquishing a boundary for her child.  I have to admit, I ignored and avoided this for about the first hour or longer.  I just pretended it wasn't happening.  I did enjoy hearing the immense giggling and hooting and hollering but I didn't look.  And then I somehow relinquished my fear and I got out the camera. 

I am already consenting to the next sleepover where they will find their favorite play place on, gasp, the stair case!

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