Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas baking started early this year!  And I baked my heart out for weeks.  It was fun to package up goodies to send to friends and family that I know don't have time or interest in making Christmas goodies for themselves.

As always, The Prairie Kid wanted to help.  Especially if it involved:
- licking the beaters, spatula, bowl
- sprinkles
- frosting
- making a mess
- eating dough

Don't worry, goodie recipients, I carefully monitored hand-washing, finger licking, and spit control.  Your goodies were staunchly watched over.

I guess I didn't take pictures of the other treats this year.  But the list included: Buckeyes, almond shortbread men dipped in chocolate, shortbread stars dipped in peppermint chocolate, almond bark dipped pretzels, gingerbread cookies, and my grandma's Christmas cookies which are almond-coconut-cherry-walnut.


Jessie said...

Just throwing it out there that I'm a friend that doesnt have interest in making Christmas goodies for!

Prairie Mama said...

Jessie, that is awesome! I might just have to remember that. ; )