Monday, April 1, 2013

Hereford Calves

We usually use registered black Angus bulls on our commercial black Angus cows.  But this last year we bought Hereford bulls to cross breed for a little more genetic diversity.  The Herefords cross well with Angus and add a little more docility.  They are a great compliment to black Angus structurally as well.

We call the cross bred calves black-white face.  They are so cute!  There was even a red calve at Dad's ranch this year.

We weaned this week, preg-checked, vaccinated, wormed and de-horned.  The heifers also got freeze branded.  We've never had to de-horn before; it was a learning process!   There were only three calves that had horns or buds. 

Looks like it would hurt but she didn't make a sounds or kick or anything
The Prairie Kid didn't have a specific job so part of the day he was a little bored.  He wanted to have an important job like vaccinating but he isn't ready for that quite yet.

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