Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally! A Post!

Things have continued to remain busy, busy, busy. I never would have guessed 6 weeks ago that I would be neglecting my blog so much this fall. As I went from rest to busy I seemed to have misplaced my blogging desires. But I don't want to let this blog thing go so I will really try to post on at least a regular basis...although regular might mean weekly or biweekly.

What have we been up to? Let's see. Hmmm. I honestly have to pull back the cobwebs of my memory from even last week. Why don't I start with today and work backwards.

Today. Today I am the mom of two preschool boys which might explain my lack of brain function. Our pastors and their wives are on a several day retreat in Montana and we were asked to watch a 4 year old boy. He joined us after church on Sunday when we had his family over for lunch and will be with us until tomorrow night. It has gone really well but I have noticed that I am lacking in the energy area! This morning I took the boys to the park and then we did some fun things around the ranch.

Before this little guy came over we had another house guest for a week. Larry was the speaker out at Western Frontiers last week and they needed a place for him to stay so we volunteered our upstairs bedrooms/bath. On Saturday night he joined us for supper and we were able to pray with him. He is passionate about the Father heart of God and is a gifted prayer partner. It was such a blessing to pray with him. He prayed that I would personally feel the comfort of God...that I was lacking in my life in being comforted and that God wants to comfort me. We also prayed about an unhealthy desire I have for acceptance from people. He spoke into my life that I care deeply about people but often carry too much of that with me. I asked the Lord this morning to show me how to love people so deeply without it burdening me.

Last week I was able to go to a BBQ/football party, have a fun play date with a friend and her two boys, go to Yellowstone with another friend, enjoy Bible Study, Cowboy Church, a birthday dinner, and Galaxy. Wow. No wonder I haven't had it in me to blog! And before that I did get knocked out for a day with a cold and fever.

Here are some pictures from the past week or so:
The best Sunday afternoon football backdrop...Wild Wyoming

There is the cute Prairie Daddy in the front of the pack

And The Prairie Kid found a pile of dirt with his cowboy pal, JD
And then they mimicked the daddy's football playing

The next day we went to Western Frontiers where The Prairie Kid took a spin on JD's pony with JD's mommy, Heidi the Heaven sent

The Prairie Kid posing on a hill on the ranch

Our friend posing on the hay stack

Two cute hay boys

Cowboy Multi-tasking and two little cowboys

Chickens are scary Wanna ride?
Playing "guys"
Tour of the yard

I am thrilled to share that we are leaving for Seattle in 2 days! And The Prairie Daddy is going with! We will be celebrating our nephew's 16th birthday and hanging out with my side of the family. Woo-hoo! Dungeoness crab, Pike's Market, Two Tartes, sisters, nephews, mama HERE WE COME!

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Beck said...

Erin, thanks for watching Max! It looks like he had a lot of fun. He did mention he was scared of chickens :) You've been a busy woman, I appreciate you working Max into you're life. Have fun in Seattle!