Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweet Time in Seattle

Oh how I love a good getaway. We left Wyoming just as the snow began falling...hard. And when we boarded our plane in Billings on Thursday evening it was just a matter of time before the pouring rain turned in to a blizzard. But Seattle warmed up and found blue sky when we arrived. What fun!

I don't have any pictures or videos to share yet and probably won't until I get home but I do have some fun stories. This is the first time that The Prairie Daddy has ever joined me in Seattle. My oldest sister has lived here for over 20 years and my other sister has lived here for the past 5 or 6. I have many, many memories and traditions here and it has been so awesome to share them with my other half.

This trip is all about my teenage Nephew as well. His sweet 16 is on Tuesday and we all came in to celebrate him. Friday he didn't have school so we all went to my sister, The Culinary Master's cafe, Two Tartes. We had "special coffee" (some sort of heavenly chocolate, caramel latte concoction), jambalaya, apple strudel with a cream cheese filling, sausage and egg croissants, and cookies. Nice brunch, eh?

Then it was off to Pike's market. We ate our way through there as well. I loved showing The Prairie Daddy all around the places that we have been to for decades. We ate bbq pork humbow, a goat cheese and spinach crepe, doughnuts, and of course, we stopped in La Panier french bakery and indulged on an almond croissant. We bought our way through the fresh produce so that we could continue our favorite family tradition, eating, at my sister's house.

That night we had my favorite...dungeoness crab. The Culinary Master made amazing appetizers and a fabulous beet salad. My other sister, The Baby Mama, made a great tomato- basil salad. And we also had steamed artichokes and french bread. Mmmm. Need I say more?

Yesterday I went with The Culinary Master to Two Tartes and watched her decorate two beautiful chocolate cakes for a wedding. This lady is so talented! She decorated them like beautifully and effortlessly.

Then we all headed to Jillian's at Capitol Hill. We had two pool tables and a spread of appetizers awaiting and for the next three hours we played ping-pong, darts, air hockey, arcade games and pool. It was so much fun! What a great 16th birthday hang out.

We returned to The Culinary Master's house and had a family birthday party. My step brother and his new wife came over as well. And did I mention that my mom and her hubby are here too? So we all celebrated The Nephew and ate great food and then...then...

Then it was time. Yes, time. My sister's and I snuck upstairs with my mom and a few others. We raided The Nephew's closet and put on some of his shorts and shirts. We put on hats, bandannas, pick combs, jewelry, etc. And I took black eyeliner and blacked out a tooth, and then we blacked out a couple of my mom's teeth. And then it was time.

We entered the stage (aka. the living room) and the music started. And we proceeded to attempt to do a dance for The Nephew. When the choreography failed I busted out and started a "dance off" in the middle. And we took turns "gangsta dancing" and we laughed and laughed and laughed...and did I mention we laughed? I cannot wait to show you pictures and video. It may be the best blog post I'll ever have.

Presents and an I-Pod cake followed. It was a great party.

Today we're taking the ferry over to Vashon Island to see where The Nephew goes to school and lives (he lives over there part time with his other parent). That will be fun. The Prairie Kid is really excited to get on a boat. I am sure there will be pictures of that to share as well.

I am really glad to be missing the massive storm at home. However we learned yesterday that there was a horrific accident and a young woman we knew from our town did not survive. Our hearts are hurting for the family and her husband and our prayers are with them.


Beck said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun, it sounds wonderful! I wish I was somewhere else missing the snow too. Max thinks it's great but I'm not impressed.

erin said...

Have a great time up there! We love the Seattle weather, too, but because it's cooler than it is here, not warmer like it is for you. :)