Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Track Event

I still can't believe how fast my life changed from the season of rest into the 1,000,000 meter dash. : ) Where has October gone? Who am I? What am I doing? Sigh. I am tired but I am definitely not bored! And I sleep great!

Why am I tired? It seems as though every week is full, exciting, exhausting and demanding. This could be labeled "the season of much and the unexpected." We have had 4 different last minute visitors at our house this month. I had an invitation to be on a team to start and lead a new local ministry for moms. There have been 2 last minute birthday parties planned. I have 2 Mondays back-to-back to cook for the gang of workers processing cattle (branding, preg checking, vaccinating) on our ranch. It is football season and that means we get to watch our nephew play. I actually remembered to dig up some of the beets and carrots in my garden (which meant washing and preparing them also). Oh, and we got a new computer and I have been spending much time getting that set up and the old one transitioned over. And this past Friday I helped move cows and rode most of the day. And this is all in addition to normal ranch life, church, Galaxy, Thursday morning Bible study and preschool. Whew. After this paragraph I am not feeling so bad for being tired!

This week will be another busy one. Tomorrow is a "processing cattle" day and I will put lunch on for 9. Tomorrow evening we'll be at a friend's birthday party. Tuesday will be a meeting for the new Mom's Together program. Wednesday we will have the week off from Galaxy but I will be leading a team meeting and training. Thursday is Bible study and the costume party at preschool. Friday is hauling cattle all day, a big party at church, and a football game. And Saturday, you will probably find me laying on the couch staring off into space saying "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba." Do any of you remember Goldie Hawn in the movie "Overboard" sitting in the chair at the end of a long day doing this?

Well, we shall see if I make it to this blog posting thing again this week. Until we meet again...

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