Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moms Together

Over a month ago a friend of mine asked if I would like to attend a meeting with her and two other friends of ours about starting up a new moms program in our little town. I was excited and went to the meeting. The next thing we knew we were spelling out the details. I volunteered to line up speakers for each monthly meeting and work on finding some funding. The other gals divvied up the other responsibilities. We decided on the first Thursday of every month, reserved the facilities, made a calling list and were on our way. Every month we will have brunch, hang out time, and then a speaker who helps moms learn something to apply at home.

So, on November 6th we had our first Moms Together. It was fun. The numbers were small but that is typical. Instead of a speaker for our first meeting I put together a fun media project of different funny mom clips and pictures. I thought they were so hilarious and I wanted to share with you a little mom humor. The above was one of those clips.

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