Friday, October 23, 2009


We're busy processing cattle this week. I like to spoil all of the cowboys with goodies and meals. Yesterday I spoiled them with cinnamon rolls and even got to sneak a few to my Bible study gals. I haven't made cinnamon rolls in a long time; it is my dad's recipe that I grew up with.

I did not get to taste the cinnamon rolls. Assembling cinnamon rolls, smelling cinnamon rolls baking in your home, and removing fresh baked cinnamon rolls from the oven and not getting to taste them is torture. Sheer torture. I seriously told some friends that I would have rather been punched in the face than have to resist tasting those sweet, yummy buns of goodness. I didn't cheat though.

Object of torture.

Okay, now that you want to cry for me I have to fess up that it wasn't cheating to get to eat a little of the caramel. Here was my "reward"

I also made a batch of white chocolate coconut oatmeal cookies this week. Since I cannot have those either I did make myself some gluten-free carob cookies. They looked beautiful, stayed soft, and well, they tasted...tasted like something other than a real cookie. They must be an acquired taste. But I can't complain, right? Because I got to eat a cookie. At least a fake cookie.
I also made a batch of rice krispie squares and a batch of chocolate chip M&M cookie bars. Yep, couldn't touch those either. Maybe all of this torture is just to help me appreciate treats in a new way. Sure, its all a lesson in appreciation.

No it's not. It is torture. Sheer torture. Now if you'll please excuse me, I'm going to have a cup of rice milk.


Shannon said...

I will try my best to eat a bunch of sweet goodies for you this weekend...does that help?

Amanda said...

If your buns are soft and stay soft and gooey, I need your recipe. Jason doesn't like mine. They get too dry after a couple of days