Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another So Long, Farewell? Sheesh!

The Prairie Kid's Hero Cousin is graduating from high school in a few hours. Where did time go? I guess it has been 10 years since I came into the family and that means he is 18 and no longer 8. Crazy.

We're sad that next year we won't have our favorite Cody Bronc to watch on the football field or basketball court. Our favorite Cody Cub will not be on the baseball field. Sigh. We might get to see him in his college games and that will be awesome.

There was a graduation party for him last night at my in-law's. Here he is with his cake:

And some friends
With his mom

Opening presents...and the toilet seat he got from an aunt and uncle. I guess this is an ongoing joke between!

The ol''s bittersweet.

And the new colors and school...

We had a nice time with the family last night and now I am off to get ready to go to the ceremony.
I wish there was a button I could push that slows everything down. Sigh again.

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Beck said...

Oh sad I know you'll miss him, it's the beginning of a whole new season for all of you. I think one of my favorite expectations of eternity is the lack of being confined by time.